Diverse Service (uniquely designed)

Diverse Service provides quality built wood furniture and woodworking projects to suit our clients needs including Revamp and Repurposing services (restoring old wooden furniture, toys, and any other wood object and turning old and memorable wood objects into new creations)..

Bonvillain Crafted furniture fits right at home. It blends in, complementing its natural surroundings. While it’s a perfect match for any home.  It has a rugged worn appearance without having to wait years to achieve it. This gives it a charming aged look.

It is made for you and your friends comfort. The quality is strong and durable while allowing you to feel relaxed and in harmony with your surroundings.

Choose from dinning sets, benches, rocking chairs, gliders, swings, etc.  In a variety of rich stains and antiqued finishing to your choosing.  Your satisfaction is our goal.